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Witty, flamboyant and hugely entertaining!
Justina Tay, Art Director, MRM Worldwide

Great way to make the CEO embarrassed!
Hocus Pocus, Senior officer, IE Singapore

MiStevious is like a Chanel-scented zephyr that gently drifts towards you on purple feathered wings. Utterly Fabulous!!
Rachel Baker, Director, Ladyarkles Creations, Taiwan

Brassy and funny as can be. MiStevious is a marvelously inventive and delightful confection.
Eugene, Aviation & Hospitality Management Consultant

A born entertainer who works the crowd!
Demeiter, Professional, Singapore/Thailand/Hong Kong


BWF, Fashion designer & lecturer, Raffles Design Institute

Waterloo and you? fabulous Darling!!
Carrie Curby, Director, Insight Risk Group Pte Ltd, Singapore

MiStevious is the most exciting, intelligently funny and professional drag act in Singapore. When you actually want to be entertained, rather than just see blokes in frocks lip-synching, this is the act you hope is on the programme. She is the closest thing to Dame Edna Everage in this part of the world. It's probably a good idea to see her now, before she becomes too expensive!
Roger Craig, School Teacher, Expatriate School, Singapore

MiStevious is more than a cabaret entertainer; she is an artist! She is able to suspend your imagination and completely draw you into the fantasy she creates on stage.
Chip Wagner, Consultant, USA

MiStevious… just keeps getting better and better each time I see her!
Christine Innes, Building Society Accountant, UK

Costumes are creative and stunningly funny which just adds to her mystery
Norman Pain, Operations Manager, Norwich Union, UK

Fun, sassy, joyful, warm-hearted and full of joie de vivre.
Daven Wu, writer for F&B magazine

Magically Mischievous!
Ajai – a friend

Wonderfully Wacky!
M. Saram, former actress

Simply THE BEST!
Dobie, Teacher. US

Deliciously funny, gorgeous gowns and lots of positive energy... always worth a look!
Paul Carr, Director, Paul Carr Consultancy

MiStevious is a shining blonde beacon illuminating a dark and often dull world - her powers that shimmer outshine all others whilst behind her stylized imagery a deep thinking muse is at work!
Il Conto, Space & form-maker, Studio Daminato